Microwave Components & Instruments

Mackin Technologies is working together with TME (Tamagawa Electronics Co., LTD) by marketing their products in the Americas. TME designs and manufactures highly reliable Attenuators, Amplifiers, Duplexers, Filters and other RF related products used in the infrastructure equipment for wireless communications and broadcasting.

Based on a broad range of patented and proprietary technologies, you will find a wide range of applications: digital broadcasting, mobile communications, wireless LAN, railway communications, telematics for automobile systems, and test equipments.

Our Attenuators, Duplexers and Filters will work as your Wireless Base Station solutions. O/E, E/O Converters for RF on Fiber solutions, and RF Switches, Bandpass Filters for your Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting solutions.

Information Request

For more specific information regarding TME products, please e-mail us at support@mackinusa.com