Hermetic Seal

Whether you choose Glass-to-Metal or Ceramic-to-Metal, our customers will benefit from our highly specialized craftsmanship with the utmost reliability and know-how in the industry. Our vertical integration of multiple manufacturing processes enables us to take control of quality and lead-time often suffered from using too many outside suppliers. Many of our standard designs can easily be customized to meet your specific needs, making it perfect for R&D projects that require quick results. Common applications include Automotive Sensors, Satellite Communications, Telecommunications, Frequency Control, Multimedia (CD, DVD players), Aeronautics & Aviation, Military Defense, and much more.

Due to our vast amount of design combinations, both open and semi-custom, and the nature of confidentiality, we are unable to display them all in a catalog. We request that you contact us and discuss your requirements with us. We offer many industry standard designs as well as semi-custom and fully custom designed packages such as TO-Headers, DIL Packages, Surface Mount Devices, Hybrids, Butterfly, Microwave, Oscillator Packages and many others.

How Does It Work?

Here's a look at how a typical package is made.
These modular components allows us to make simple minor changes to the design, therefore making it possible to quickly accommodate to "Semi-Custom" design requests

Key Benefits