Single-layer and multi-layer ceramics are available from our own HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) technology. "Green sheets," or un-fired ceramic sheets which are stacked and laminated together are sintered at temperatures of over 1500 degrees Celsius.  We also have the technology of printing the metalized patterns onto the ceramics and including via-holes or three dimensional-patterns for a higher complexity of circuitry. Materials often used for these processes are alumina, tungsten, and molybdenum.

This division supplies both internal and external customers with highly reliable ceramic components. Our ceramic facility can accommodate to short lead-time and small quantity requirements, making it perfect for R&D projects. Most of our standard designs can easily by customized by modifying existing tools and fixtures.

To enhance our capabilities, we have also incorporated the LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) process which works hand-in-hand with our surface treatment processes.

Key Benefits